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Investment Options

Cash Investment

BAM's multifamily investment offerings are available to cash investors. 

Tax Benefits:

The Tax Code favors real estate over many investments through numerous carve outs, specific to real estate. Depreciation in many cases can offset all taxable gains on the monthly cash flows distributed from the property. 


BAM's Multifamily investment offerings are available to IRA and 401K rollover retirement accounts.


Real estate investments can cut your taxes, gain passive income, and offer higher returns than the stock market.

 Retirement accounts may need to be converted to ‘self-directed’ accounts. Consult  with your accountant or administrator about rolling your IRA or 401K to invest in Multifamily Real Estate with Borello Asset Management, Inc. 

Tax Benefits:

Buying real estate in a Roth-type of self-employed retirement account means all the accrued assets in the account will be totally tax-free when you retire.

1031 Exchange

BAM's  multifamily, investment offerings are available to 1031 Exchange investors. 

We offer 1031 replacement properties via “Tenants in Common” or TIC.  Our structure for “TIC” investing allows accredited investors the ability to co-own commercial real estate investments and to transfer and continue growing their portfolio.

Tax Benefits:

By exchanging "1031", investors are able to defer taxes. If done property, an investor can defer indefinitely. 

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